Sunday, February 24, 2008

More WiiMote Fun: VR Desktop

I hooked up VR Desktop to my roommates 65" HDTV to try head tracking. I think due to the wiimote 45 degree receiver area combined with the angle I was using caused for a jittery experience and walking close to the TV caused the signal to be out of range because my WiiMote was directly in front of the TV. For a headset I used old bulky 80's style headphones with IR LED's strapped to teh sides with a cable running to USB for power. Next week I will be receiving some more components for a wireless setup (as well as for testing Johnny's finger tracker) to have better results. For anyone else tryin this at home I suggest placign the wiimote behind the tv if possible at head height facing forward. Either that or try angling the wiimote up on bottom of TV. Also don't forget to adjust calibration settings in the .conf file for the height of your display and the width of the sensor bar (distance between IR LED's). I have also noticed the aspect ratio setting seems to not work 100% and I have better results when running the software under visual studio in debug mode (not sure if that resets my settings).

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