Monday, February 25, 2008

The last of the wiimote fun for this weekend

I had one last go at working with wiimote stuff today. I decided I would make a reflector for my wiimote pen for the whiteboard application. Took a pen cap from one of those bic pens that are semi-transparent and covered the LED and took pictures with my cellphone camera (to see the IR light). The entire pen cap 'glowed' which was a good sign. The pen cap was long beyond the tip of the pen with the LED so I decided to cut the length of the cap in half, and then add a small cut section from a CD superglued to the end. In test this worked beutifully, making a bright glowing tip for the pen. Using a dremel I cut the square piece from the CD and then super glued that piece to the pen cap end. Using the dremel again I rounded the end. The problem now is that all the dremeling made most of the reflective paint of the CD piece come off and the super glue clouded the inside part of the cap, causing very little reflection. Next idea will be to take some filings from the CD and glue them to the LED to make it reflect in random pattern- but will have to wait until I have more time (likely next weekend).

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