Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stitched tabs? Mozilla ( my mozconcept )

I can't think of a good name for it but the idea is simple: all tabs are stitched together at the seams and allows for viewing more than one web page at a time and to scroll through open pages. Here are the core concepts:

Watch the VIDEO here which explains it much better:

      1. All tabs are stitched together. The open pages are visible from one to the other and parts of adjacent pages may or may not also be visible.

      2. Borders between pages are adjustable to reflow the layout of the page.

      3. Scaling of each page independently from eachother so the user can work with them completely separately.

      4. Bottom horizontal scroll bar is the default scroll for moving between tabs.

      5. Scrolling for each is independent from the rest

      6. Sidebars can be used to export parts of selected text from one of the browser panes to perform complex actions- like perform a google search in the pane when it is selected or dragged.

      7. Dragging from favorites on sidebar creates new tab- dragging action defines width of the page (as it is loading).

      8. New tabs created in the center with default width, pushing contents to left and right.

      9. Colors flash when the default page changes (the one that has focus in the center) to illuminate which pages are which and which one has focus on the address bar.

      10. Tab labels become editable or accept new addresses.

      11. Border between pages AND border between sections of horizontal scroll bar can be used to adjust widths of the pages.

      12. Width of the tab on the bottom width relative to the page that is being displayed.
      Update: I just saw a video about weave- a new feature targeted at mobile synching of tabs. I think my idea would be a good fit for use in a mobile browser and would make weave more powerful. See the video I saw here: http://vimeo.com/2569344

      Mozilla Labs Design Challenge - Official Concept


      Unknown said...

      Very interesting. I would certainly use a browser in this configuration. I'm not sure about the helpers though? The current search capability is so easy to reach with a mouse or keyboard shortcut, I don't think most users will be interested in that feature. In addition the Ubiquity project (a command line interface) is much more powerful for that type of functionality.

      Anonymous said...

      I dont see how this is any different than a tab version of appel's "cover flow"

      Anonymous said...

      Best concept of all what I see!

      And this is not really cover flow! Because coverflow is showing preview of page and as I understand tihs concept showing all full size web pages puting located in the butt to one another.

      I just do not like the location tabs below. These buttons should be closer to the main program buttons. that was less than the motions of the mouse. as well as the need to be caught with a shift + scroll the window horizontally moving.

      Anyway, nice stuff! Keep it up

      Anonymous said...

      By the way you remember Shiira?
      I think they have excellent replacement tabs.

      I like use Shiira. If I open one page I can see what's happend in others

      brander said...

      looks interesting jon, i'd like to see a working mockup in action. from what i gather you want to have scaled active content in your panes, much like opera scales, along with perhaps partial views of pages.

      i'm not sure in what cases i might need more than 1 page at a time, and given the whole 2 monitor setups in most work environments that might require this kind of comparison, im not sure of how needed something like this is.

      given that you work on a 30" monitor, i can see the desire to perhaps do this, rather than open 2 browsers side by side, but if you're in the market for a 30" monitor with all that screen real estate, then maybe just buying a 2nd monitor is within your scope of possibility.

      Sujan Patricia said...

      I agree with 'Anonymous', yes Shiira's claim to fame is the natural way it handles tabs. Shiira has Shelf, Tab Expose, a tab thumbnails option (instead of standard tabs found in Safari and Firefox).