Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First look: Visual Studio 2008

Today marks my second week using Visual Studio 2008. I primarily use VS for C++ programming for work using MFC. I have noticed a few glitches such as some of the slowness that affected VS 2005 pre service pack. I then installed SP1 For 2008 and things were good. The only thing I can really say I enjoy about VS9 over VS8 from my perspective (which is severely limited) is that ctrl+j actually works in this version (initiate intellisense). It actually things for a moment and rebuilds the intellisense database where as with 2005 I would usually exit the program and delete the ncb file to rebuild. Besides this I can't say that I have yet to find a major difference between 2005 for the type of work that I am doing. Everything is in the same spot and I'm glad it is.

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