Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why not: "Windows sold separately"

An operating system is essential for the use of all computers- but Microsoft Windows is not.  I read a while ago about these embedable linux environments that run off of the BIOS or something, so that when the machine boots it has an option to go into a very minimalistic environment to do basic things such as browse the web.  Why not make that standard, and have Microsoft Windows the option?  What if the standard for all new computers was to have this embedded free environment to do most tasks such as Browse the web and an office suite (OpenOffice).  Could we then say 'Windows Sold Separately'? 

While we are at this- we could also mandate that proprietary software operating systems be 'loaded' as a memory module (much like expanding memory in my notebook) .  This should make complete sense:

1) Load time will be extremely fast for the operating system if contained on read only flash.

2) Read only flash will prevent hacker problems and make restoring the operating environment easy.

3) We could finally do away with having Windows computers loaded as standard.  What if I want to keep my 'old' windows from my old computer?  If it was on a flash card, I could re-use my previously purchased copy.

4) Since it is installed as a memory module would- it can still be 'custom configured' at the manufacturer- and will be secure enough so that no one can just remove it without unscrewing your computer (literally and figuratively).

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