Thursday, November 6, 2008

SQLite with MFC

I recently responded to a question on stackoverflow regarding SQLite with MFC.  This is something I am currently working with.  I am currently implementing a system to manage all the files in one database with references to other external files in a directory structure.  The database file itself is essentially a state of using the other external files which remain unchanged- so that any changes or modifications are recorded to the one database file.  This design is actually quite annoying because I want the user to be able to drag/drop their files to the application in whatever structure they currently have and maintain that organization- but also have my database file aware of the structure and to label the structure for use within the application (tagging directories as container names, etc).  After I get past this hurdle (or maybe before it) is to create an online backup by doing the following: When the user is connected to the internet, the application can optionally send updates while the application is running (and receive updates) of records from the database.  Each record is a 'file' which has all the chagnes the user has done to the file.  As they make changes in the application and 'save' (or auto save) it will send those changes to the online backup.  If the user is not online- it won't send, but next time they go online it will prompt them and ask if they would like to sync with the online database (possibly performing differencing in the future).  The convenience is that I could implement the same database logic on both ends instead of having 2 implementations to read and write from the databases.

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