Monday, November 10, 2008

I like Stackoverflow, except...

I have been using for a few days now, posting and answer questions.   I find it fun, easy to use, and extremely helpful for getting detailed attention to questions.  Even though I do love the service, I have recommended or voted for several ways they can improve their service:

This is one of the worst problems- that the more narrow the question, the less attention and votes it receives.  This is likely because fewer people feel they can 'participate'.  Most of the 'participation' that people do is on the squishy questions that anyone can offer their opinions about.  Also, the people reading them are also the general population of people visiting the site.  Personally I would prefer that all of those questions be deleted- and all rep assigned from them be removed from the site.

This is a suggestion I had for reorganizing the site so there would be more of a primary focus on unanswered yet highly viewed questions.

This is my suggestion for a rep based system based off of highly viewed yet unanswered or un-upvoted answers, basically assigning more rep for harder questions

Since the rep system I would like to see is not here it would be neat if I could create my own portal to the site for people to view and assign reputation.  Although, at the core I wold not be able to reassign rep and to give people different abilities- I could however 'revoke' rep through the portal by limiting abilities of people who have only answered to fluff questions and had been upmodded because of this.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with some of what your saying I find it very annoying that Stupid questions get you more rep then knowledge...