Monday, April 28, 2014

Apple finder: where are my files?

A few months ago I decided it would be best to upgrade my Mac computers at the office with Mavericks. Since then my icons and folders have all but disappeared. I thought maybe this was just me when it first happened. I even resorted to reinstalling the entire OS when various methods to fix the situation either failed or only fixed the issue for a short period of time. This hasn't really been an issue for me the past few months only because I hardly use these Mac computers: every so often I create a new version of our software for Mac or I test some bugs that are not reproducible on Windows or Linux. I all but ignored this issue on both our Mac server and Macbook Pro because these computers were not my primary computer and so had little effect on me. About a month ago I decided I needed a new workstation and started looking into the Mac Pro, the reason being that not having a Mac as my workstation lead me to neglect the Mac specific issues of our software. I assumed the disappearing files issues were due to installing Mavericks as an upgrade or not from factory so I went ahead with the order and received my Mac Pro about a month later.

I was pretty happy, up until I had to contact Apple support... because my files were gone.

This thing is quite fast: 6 cores and a PCI-Express hard drive, I'm able to run 2 virtual machines very smoothly with a lot of stuff going on in both of them, as well as running a full dev environment on the Mac itself. Everything was great until my files were completely gone in finder when I went to "Reveal in Finder" from my SVN client. A brand new machine with the same old problem. After exploring a bit further online my coworker discovered another quick fix that appears to resolve the issue again, for now: Relaunch Finder. This can be done by option clicking Finder and selecting "Relaunch" from the menu.

Below, a picture of my new trash can Mac Pro.

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