Saturday, March 30, 2013

North Korea: Please re-evaluate "military first"

In all the rhetoric coming from North Korea it is clear they are placing in the back shadow the want for reunification. In the past this meant invading South Korea, and since then it meant bolstering their military might to some day try again. It seems that day will never come, even North Korean leadership know this. They are playing the cards they have dealt to them to blackmail the world into concessions. But why? Why "military first" as a national policy? Reading the bellicose rants from their press releases it is easy to see that for them, military means survival. They feel that without a strong military confrontation and stance, they will be ignored and made irrelevant. I feel that someone, and I hope some people have tried already, to tell them they should exchange "military first" with "reunification first". Why not bolster your nations strengths in social and economic growth rather than military. Why not make themselves better people first, rather than warriors without a war, or at least without one they have a hope to survive. It seems very petty, and too immature to be the actual reason they are completely broken as a nation: their leadership wants to be seen as a god, no matter what. Not even as a great leader, but as a living god to be worshiped. Can't there be a middle ground? Why not a benevolent dictator that leads by virtue and honor, rather than childish games of name calling and global extortion?

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