Tuesday, March 12, 2013

North Korea is so crazy.. and so interesting.

I find myself quite interested in North Korea. It is a stale fragment of the cold war that's still alive today, as if frozen in time. I started my fascination with DPRK years ago when I happened across a documentary called 'Welcome to North Korea'. This documentary told in a somber tone gives a great overview of most of the North Korean crazy. Two other very entertaining documentaries are the ones done by Shane Smith from Vice here and here. While of course there is a little overlap to the other documentaries, these contain a lot more first person dialog and close calls when Shane taunts his tour guides and does some things that I thought would get him kicked out of the country or thrown in jail.

Besides the documentaries there are plenty of websites that poke fun at their leadership. My favorite when Kim Jong-Il was still alive is Kim Jong-Il looking at things, and of course now there is Kim Jong-Un looking at things. And of course there are also tons of memes, my favorite is the hungry Kim Jong-Un meme.

I won't go into all the crazy details here because I think that is part of the fun in watching the documentaries, but unfortunately none of the documentaries are recent. All of them from when Kim Jong-Il was still alive I think the most recent one a few years ago. Since then they have been hit hard by famine. Although I find this all very interesting I'm also kind of scared of how this will all end. If they keep arming themselves and building more and more powerful weapons they may end up provoking their own annihilation- which won't likely happen. If provoked the world will likely want to decapitate the North Korean leadership and help install a replacement regime to slowly, probably over several generations, bring them back to the world community.

If you watched the documentaries above and weren't convinced that it is their people who are the most crazy, not just the leadership, watch this documentary from National Geographic. This documentary switches between telling about the first person perspectives of the visitors as they are taken on the standard tour, similar to the Vice documentaries, but also follows the work of an eye surgeon performing 1000 cataract surgeries over 10 days.

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