Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Frontier Airlines "Upgraded Seating"

I recently spent a long weekend in California hiking around in the parks and was completely exhausted by the time we were leaving. At check-in the kiosk asked if I wanted to upgrade seating to a 'stretch' row seating. I elected yes, put in my card for the charge, and was on my way to be seated in the plane.

The row they placed me in was one that the seats had LESS leg room due to the position in front of the exit row and the seats did not recline!

I called Frontier Airlines customer service that said: because there was no charge on my card that they could not reimburse me, and that for whatever reason they moved my seating at that time- probably because I elected to have my seating moved.

Frontier Airlines has a horrible policy to rearrange their seating by calling them "upgrades", and then do nothing for customer service. If anyone else had a similar experience or knows how to be reimbursed or compensated for this shady behavior, please let me know.

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