Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terminator Salvation (I give it a 4 out of 10)

I went to see terminator salvation the other day. If you go to see this movie you will notice that Christian Bale is a horrible actor in the very first scene. You will also hate whomever decided to make a terminator movie with seemingly little consideration for the previous terminator movies. The moview is worth watching if you are into unrealistic action sequences. The mile thick coating of plot flaws and poor acting combined with atrocious acting across the board will make you wonder why they decided to further ruin the Terminator franchise. The only redeeming points of this movie were some mildly entertaining (yet unrealistic) action sequences and (spoiler) some old school songs from the soundtrack from T2 are notable.

What I hated most (spoiler): In previous Terminator movies the mood of the film was always a constant chase from almost certain death. In salvation it seems that the terminators won't really hurt you if they get their hands on you, only throw you through some walls and punch you. What I liked most about the Terminator movies was that you knew with absolute certainty that if the terminator got close enough then the people would die- except with salvation where the worst that will happen if they catch you is throw you through some walls. By far the worst plot flaw was that the terminators big plan was to capture Reese (John's father who goes back in Terminator 1) to lure John to save him. Why didn't they just kill him?

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